Patient Stories

From Knee Surgery to Sea-Worthy

Maria Wertz on her sailboatAs Maria Wertz approached her 60th birthday, two events looked certain in her near future: retirement from the banking profession so she and her husband could indulge in their passion for sailing, and knee surgery.

The problem was, in Maria’s mind, these two certainties were incompatible.

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Botox Injections and a Doctor’s Gentle Touch Relieve Stroke Patient’s Pain

One hand holding anotherBernadine Rogstad has spent her life taking care of others. She ran a daycare, was the head RN at a nursing home, and served as a caregiver for elderly members in her family. But everything changed in 2008. At age 51, she suffered a series of strokes over a six-month period that left her disabled and in need of care.

Bernadine’s husband of 30-plus years, John, and their daughters, Ilia Kirby and Lisa Cowey, were ready to do whatever it took to aid Bernadine as she began the long road to recovery.

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Feeling Good Again

Injection Helps Restore Active Lifestyle

All her life, Joan Eslin had enjoyed an active lifestyle, hiking, biking and walking in the beautiful areas near her home in Camino Island, Washington. But about ten years ago, at age 67, she began to feel strange pains in her legs and back.

Two years ago, the pains grew worse. She went to her physician who prescribed physical therapy and massage therapy. While the treatment dulled the pain, it did not make it go away. In fact, the pain began to affect Joan’s life.

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Finally! Relief from Chronic Back Pain

For more than five generations, Judy Lane’s family has lived in the Skagit Valley. “It’s been a wonderful place to live, raise a family — and work,” says Judy. For more than 34 years, she worked as a custodian for the Mt. Vernon School District.

“I really enjoyed my job,” Judy says, “but it was hard on my body. I lifted and moved things, and never gave it a thought.” 

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My Story: Murray C.

A new knee sends lifelong athlete into the game of life again

Murray Cassidy total knee replacement

A golfer who plays more than 100 days a year, Murray Cassidy never ceases to give thanks for routines that other players take for granted.

“I can squat to line up a putt,” the retired Mount Vernon coach and teacher says with a bounce in his voice. “And I can drive the ball at least 25 yards longer now that I can transfer my weight to my left knee during the swing and don’t have to favor it.”
Given what Cassidy has been through, a lot of people his age – early 60s – would have thrown in the towel by now, forsaken the fairways and surrendered to a sedentary life.

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